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Full-On Digital Commissions
Got an original character you're just dying to have drawn? Let me tackle it for you in digital format for a price...

The Old Bend-in-Awe by DarkDijinArtie89You're Golden! by DarkDijinArtie89The Rub Me All Over Kind of Thing by DarkDijinArtie89Flaunty One by DarkDijinArtie89

Price includes a background and the full, actual body of the character. Please contact me for information on content restrictions and usage of work.


More Webcam

Because I simply just can't sit here and let you have all that bandwidth to yourself... NO, YOU MUST LOSE IT TO THIS! Gwa ha ha!

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What RPG Class Best Fits You?
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:icondashishappyplz: I WANT THESE... well, someday if I ever get the money... :XD:


I love my ponysona (alicorn) by EscamosaAvatar Na'vi Stamp by DaLegendary360

Nightmare Moon Stamp by jewlechoZecora Stamp by jewlechoGilda Stamp by jewlechoOctavia Stamp by jewlechoRainbow Dash Stamp v2 by jewlechoFleur De Lis Stamp by jewlechoPrincess Celestia Stamp by jewlechoDiscord Stamp by jewlechoLuna -New Version- Stamp by jewlechoShining Armor Stamp by jewlechoMLP Stamp by KerivanTrollestia Stamp by LegendaryDittoFan of all ponies by raygirlBrony Music Stamp (Octavia) by McNikkShadowbolts stamp by DiscordTheTrollestG3 Minty stamp by Nutty-NutzisG3 Rainbow Dash stamp by Nutty-NutzisG3 Pinkie Pie stamp by Nutty-NutzisMLP Stamp: Derp Trio by XxoOjunefoxOoxXI'm Full Of Great Ideas Stamp by harvestcheddarShadowbolts Stamp by jewlechoFlim and flam stamp by JontukkaKing Sombra Stamp by Anzu18Chrysombra/Sombralis Stamp by Anzu18Gilda Stamp by migueruchan:thumb337448266:A Stamp of Bohemian Horse s*** by DarkDijinArtie89

League of Legends: Anivia Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Corki Stamp [GIF] by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Maokai Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Hecarim Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Elise Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Caitlyn Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Cassiopeia Stamp by immature-giraffeLeague of Legends: Ahri Stamp by immature-giraffe

Wave Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiEggman Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiVector Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiStorm Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiJet Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiRouge the Bat Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiVector the Crocodile Stamp by catiexshadowJet the Hawk Stamp by catiexshadowWave the swallow Stamp by catiexshadowStorm Stamp by catiexshadowRouge the Bat Stamp by catiexshadowSonic Riders ZG Stamp by Fuzon-SPro Sonic Riders series by SA948-StampsSonic Riders Stamp by Fuzon-SHUG ME stamp by SpeedyAlchemistBabylon Rogues Fan Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89Rouge love by xRubiMalonexJet love by xRubiMalonexVector love by xRubiMalonexWave love by xRubiMalonexStorm love by xRubiMalonex

AVATAR (James Cameron)
Avatar Stamp by i-stampStamp: Banshee by DemonDragonSaerThanator stamp by Lora-PedigreeNeytiri by Tifa22Neytiri and Jake by Tifa22RDA Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89These 'Avatars' you mentioned by DarkDijinArtie89

Legend of Spyro: DOTD Stamp by IklowIggy WTF by ThornaciousFlame x Ember Stamp by shaloneSK'Older' Cynder Stamp by cynder-fansPurple Dragon Luv by floppyneko

Mature Content

Cynder Stamp by cynders-song
There is nothing wrong with it. by KingdomKiraEvil Cynder Stamp by SeeraphineSkylanders Cynder Stamp by RadSpyroI luv Volteer - stamp by High-HorizonCorrupted Cynder is Best Cynder - Stamp by Lostatue
Terrador Fan Stamp by katdrakeVolteer Fan Stamp by katdrakeCynder Stamp by NovaBrush

Sim City 2013 by DarkDijinArtie89Shiny Neon Unicorn by DarkDijinArtie89Simcity Fan Stamp by munir99SimCity 'Starfox' Mega-Towers Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89SimCity 'Blade Runner' Mega-Towers Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89Mmmmm.... Plumbobs by DarkDijinArtie89SimCity Is A Game Indeed Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89

Star Fox Adventures Stamp by NateFoxStarfox Stamp by AceLombardiAssault supporter by Noe-IzumiMy Falco stamp by lordant-stampStarfox stamp :D by JessethStar Fox Stamp by KrystalVixen7Stamp: Starfox Fanatic by toki28Star Fox stamp by angelasamshiKrystal Fan Stamp 2.0 by DarkDijinArtie89Blue Vixen Butthurt Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89

Spore Is More Than... by DarkDijinArtie89Spore Archetypes: Knight by DarkDijinArtie89Spore Archetypes: Scientist by DarkDijinArtie89Spore Archetypes: Trader by DarkDijinArtie89Spore Archetypes: Ecologist by DarkDijinArtie89Spore Archetypes: Diplomat by DarkDijinArtie89Spore Archetypes: Zealot by DarkDijinArtie89Clark and Stanley fan stamp... by DarkDijinArtie89Spore- Spacephase by Cathines-StampsSpore- Civilizationphase by Cathines-StampsSpore-Tribephase by Cathines-StampsSpore Stamp by parallellogic

Team Fortress 2 Stamp by JourneytoRevengeI Solve Practical Problems by redscoutplzTF2 Appreciation by redscoutplz:thumb278577288::thumb289411481:Nope dot stamp by DannyCat-X3BLU Team Stamp by SupaSoldierScreamin' Eagles Stamp by jigglyI Have Met The Pyro by DragaraTF2 Engineer Stamp by MrEchoAngelTF2 BLU Stamp by kyphoscoliosisStamp- TF2: Oh, Scout... by anime-dragon-tamerPYROLAND! stamp by DarkDijinArtie89

WoW: Warrior by stamp-meWoW: Shaman by stamp-meWoW: Mage by stamp-meWoW: Paladin by stamp-meWoW: Hunter by stamp-meWoW: Worgen by stamp-meWoW: Troll by stamp-meWoW: Tauren by stamp-meWoW: Goblin by stamp-meWoW: Alliance. by stamp-meWoW: Horde by stamp-meStamp - WoW - Pandaren by DemonessHikariWoW: Orc by stamp-meThe Worgen by FluffyisawolfWoW is a Game Indeed Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89

R BEAUTIFUL BURD by DarkDijinArtie89Meme Stamped by DarkDijinArtie89The Cigar Guy Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89Caballo troleado by olgolugoBear Stamp by DsharkSpider by Fyi-Sus

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POKEMON (Pokedex)
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Like the Anime Heroes by DarkDijinArtie89
Like the Anime Heroes
As promised... FISH!

And not just any fish, but truly heroic fish! Because people want to see me do more Undertale fan art, I decided to draw Undyne... Except it's probably what some people didn't want me to draw her as. She's thick-figured, for starters.

Although let's be frank; while her outfit is a "knock-off" of Clera O'Donnell's outfit, Undyne wears it so much better than that disgusting flea-hag. It probably has something to do with the fact that Undyne is much better developed and interesting character where as Clera is a Mary Sue isn't as flabby and has smooth scales as opposed to mangy fur. I also imagine that Undyne wears several different outfits, so this is just some "flexi-armor" that allows flexibility at the cost of some protection... Of course, it probably has more to do with colors here than anything else (I pretty much stole the colors for the outfit from Toriel and Asgore).

I actually plan on drawing more Undyne in the future... I really like this design. But there's two other characters of this quirky little game I have to draw first before I start drawing more Undyne...

By the way, her death in the game is probably one of the most horrifying ways to die as far as I'm concerned. While it obviously doesn't get graphic, the idea of melting gives me nightmares.

Undyne/Undertale (C) Toby Fox

Serious Chatter: The Idenity Crisis

Thu Feb 4, 2016, 10:34 PM
NOTE: If you're not into the whole Post-Modern way of thinking, then this journal/discussion is bound to give you a bad time. However, if you like discussing these sort of psychological and story-driven things, then you'll need to prepare yourself for a lot of crazy banter on my behalf.


Now this is something that I've written journals and had polls up on Deviant Art about. For many people, it's just another non-issue, and in the grand scheme of things, it is a non-issue (especially when one considers real-life struggles and what not)... But as a creative mind who seems to tackle any problem with no problem at all, this is something that I seriously can't wrap my mind around.

Arthur... Arthur is freaking everywhere and everything.

But how? I am Arthur! Well, yes... But I'm talking about the characterization of myself, Arthur... Arthur the what you ask?

Let's look at what exactly "Arthur" as has become. Let's start with some pictures....

Merc or Model? by DarkDijinArtie89Brewmaster Arthur by DarkDijinArtie89Beserker Arthur! by DarkDijinArtie89Big Smelly Incubus by DarkDijinArtie89Arthur as a Boar by DarkDijinArtie89Hunk of the Dog by DarkDijinArtie89Stupid Squishy Love Stuff... by DarkDijinArtie89

But wait there's more!

A raven for Sonic the Hedgehog (Artie the Raven)
A horned pegasus for My Little Pony (Dark Moon)
A Na'vi for Avatar (Art'e)
A Djinn (originally was supposed to explain all the forms, but it holds no weight for anything outside of my own original universe.)
An Orc
An Elf
A Zebra

And now recently we have this:
ArthurGoat001 by DarkDijinArtie89

So what's going on exactly? To be honest with you, I have no clue. Perhaps I have a split personality disorder and I don't even know it?

One user on here, LookieItsCookie has suggest that my "persona" is not a single character, but an "idea". This makes sense because when you think about it, all the variations I've created of my "sona" often share similarities to one another. You could essentially boil it down to the fact that he is a "big handsome man with long hair and elven features". But even if they all physically have similar features, they take on slightly different personalities, often based on whatever mood I am in for the day. For example, the goat was just the result of seeing so many goats from Undertale fan art in which I simply imagined "what if Arthur was a goat?"

But what exactly is the problem? For some of you, this would be wonderful to imagine a concept and be able to apply it to so many things. Well, that's just the problem... I basically have a character who can be anything they want to be, to the point that they might as well be nothing at all.

If I really wanted to stretch the logic (as in, put on your tin-foil hat kind of stretching) I could very well argue that "Arthur/Althazar the Sona" has become a Tulpa; a thought-form with a mind of it's own. However, it's impossible for him to truly be a Tulpa because outside of say, having a bigger body or being something non-human, he essentially is nearly exactly like me in terms of personality and mindset... Basically, he isn't an entity that thinks on his own, which often what makes a Tulpa what it is.

But we could argue that Arthur/Althazar is in fact, an Archetype of sorts. He is an intelligent and emotional person who despite his physical appearance making him very menacing and monstrous, turns out to be a heroic and helpful character. He may not be the hero of the story or setting he is in, and more often than not is he the anti-hero, but his intentions are always for the good of the people or those he has close to him.

Thus, it would explain why I've been able to just spam so many forms and ideas of this characterization of myself around for. There is pretty much no setting where a "big guy with a big heart" can't fit in. Sci-fi or fantasy, the small town or the big city, and even in settings where humans aren't present can I use this "idea of myself" to easily plant myself into that setting.

And that's what I think the problem is... I just have no idea what I want to be, because really, I could be anything at all and still be able to express myself in some form or another.

Which is disastrous when you want to write a story starring pretty much the only character who's survived your artistic adventures. Outside of Helena and recurring theme with fat gator chicks, Arthur is the only characterization who has been something I've been continuously drawing for my time being here. Obviously, there's going to be a story about him because it's simply the person I know best (duh, it's myself).

I know you guys think I over think these things, but the truth is, this stuff seriously puzzles me.

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Hi, I'm DarkDijinArtie89... Although you can just call me Arthur. I do a lot of stuff, from artwork to writing to animation to annoying people.

(I'm currently cleaning things up here and there, that's why the long description that was here is gone for now.)


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School assignments are currently weighing me down. Keep an eye out to see if things are loosened up or not.


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I hope everything is going well! :)
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Who shall be the HANDSOME MODEL for my Valentine's Day Sketch/Drawing? 

8 deviants said King Asgore Dreemurr, ruler of the Underground
3 deviants said Lord Althazar, the Incubus of Pride
2 deviants said Grommash Hellscream, leader of the Warsong Clan


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